How To Troubleshoot Video/Audio/PDF Issues

This article outlines troubleshooting steps instructors can take if they’re encountering issues uploading videos to their courses.


For example, if it’s taking an extremely long time to upload a video to your course, or you’re encountering an error message while attempting to do so.


How to troubleshoot video/audio/PDF uploading issues

Check your internet connection: most uploading issues are caused by a poor internet connection. If you experience issues while the video is being uploaded it could be due the following:

·       A slow internet connection speed. Try to upload the videos when your internet connection is faster. Or, try to upload the videos using different internet connection.

·       You had reached your data limit for your internet provider. Try to upload the videos using different internet connection.

·       You are connected to the internet through a VPN and your connection provider has blocked uploads. Try to upload using different internet connection.


Make sure the video/audio/PDF meets the requirements: make sure your video in mp4 and audio in mp3.


You’re encountering error message: if you’re receive the following message, “Can’t get media info of file”. You can try to delete the lecture and reupload the video again.

If you still having trouble, please contact our support team.